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While this was an OSC Members Only Ride, I did invite a few people to us as my guests; namely my other two riding clubs:  the Portland Social Scooter Club and the Oregon City Motorcycle Riders Adventure Group.  The OCMRAG had a good turnout with 12 bikes joining the ride.  David Read and I represented the OSC.

Kickstands were up promptly at 12:02 PM despite a little confusion about where the ride started (the start point had changed its brand/sign from a 76 to  Chevron).  We had a cloudless sky for the start of what was one of the best winter group rides I have ever taken.  This ride included a lot of road segments I had not ridden before this ride and the new segments presented some challenging curves and interesting scenery.  We took a 50 minute break at Coffee at C'Est La Vie Coffee House in Molalla, warmed up and rode into Clackamas.  The ride ended at the Wichita Pub at 2:54 PM.  This was such a good route that The Coffee at C'Est La Vie has been added to the OSC Ride Library and we consider it for one of our monthly rides.

The ride was a little faster than the typical OSC Touring pace.  We are always consider ride skill and experience level when pacing a ride, but At the pre-ride discussion we confirmed everyone had ridden with a group at least 10 time and were comfortable with quicker acceleration and higher cruising speeds so we pushed up the riding a bit.  It is rare OSC ride when I have the smallest scooter at 400 cc.

There are two things I will remember about this particular ride that probably will not be repeated the next time I ride this route.  Those are the sweep rider’s bike and the ice we spotted on the shoulders of the road between Estacada and Molalla.

The sweep rider was Mark from the OCMRAG.  He was riding a 8,826 cc Boss Hog (502 cubic inch Chevy engine).  This is the largest bike I have ever joined for a ride.

There are two road conditions I fear.  One is leaves on the road and the other is ice.  While 99% of this ride was ice free there were 3 short passages that caused concern.  While the road was deiced from traffic running on the pavement, we did pass through 3 areas where there was a heavy frost on the side of the road.  Each of these three areas was about 100 yards long and found where the  road was in the shade and dipped, thus trapping the cold air.  Just another thing to look for during our winter rides.

I will be riding this route again.  Ride statistics, BaseCamp ride track and a speed and elevation graph are below.

Rick Fletcher, 503-539-9148

OSC Ride Captain


Coffee at C'Est La Vie Statistics

Ride Date: Saturday, January 25, 2014

2 Scooters, 11 motorcycle and one passenger participated, 400 cc – 8,826 cc (502 cubic inch Chevy engine)

Distance: 68.4 miles

Elevation Range: 49 – 1,178 feet above sea level

Maximum Speed: 62 MPH

Average Moving Speed: 39 MPH

Moving Time: 1 hours, 46 minutes

BaseCamp Ride Data (Track)

Speed and elevation Graph

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Comment by Ernie Goble on January 27, 2014 at 1:28pm

8826 cc's?  Holy #$%*!

Sure missed going on that ride on a day that just doesn't get much better in January!

I'll be doing it sometime in the near future though.  Thanks for adding it to the library.

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