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Since I plan on meeting up at Rick Fletcher's house for this Sunday's ride, and don't remember where or how to get there, I plugged in his address only to receive an error message saying it was "Not Found".  I also plugged it into my Garmin 450t and received the same results.

I called Garmin Support and explained my problem and the support person provided me with the coordinates of his address for me to plug into my Zumo 660 and asked me, if possible, to drive over to "provided coordinates" and see if I arrived at Rick's house.  I did, without Rick's knowledge I'm sure, I arrived at his driveway.

The only other address I have plugged in is my own address and have never had a problem getting back home (I don't always remember where I live).

Anyone else ever have a problem like this?  Any help or suggestions would be welcome.


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When I put in the address, I always go by zip code instead of city. I believe Rick lives in Kings City, but his mailing address is Tigard (or something like that). So you might try using the zip code next time. I hope this helps.

Melody :)



Several people have told me that Mapsource/Garmin will not pull up my address, so I don't think it is your unit.

Talk about making myself look like a fool...

When I spoke with the Garmin support person yesterday I gave him the physical address using "King City" instead of the mailing address using "Tigard" since I know that's where Rick lives. No wonder he was able to give me the coordinates to Rick's address.

After receiving Melony and Rick's reply, I input the physical address into my Zumo 660 and guess what... NO ERROR MESSAGE!

A lession has been learned by this old man... mailing addresses don't mean crap to a GPS.  Of course it helps to know the difference if the mailing address doesn't match physical address for an individule.

Sure hope Rick knows which city he lives in  :-)





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